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Originally Posted by kaza View Post
Hey guys, What's with the personal attacks???

Listen, if you think the car is maybe your personal opinion. Move on to your search and please keep those posts to yourselves.Thanks.

As for the car, it just came out of hibernation from the winter and is just a gem to drive. It actually put a smile on my face yesterday. I may just end up keeping her if nobody is interested in a perfect M3.
Your car is overpriced, that is a FACT, not personal opinion.

Your pricing on the car is "personal opinion", NOT fact.

But like you said, I think the best solution to this situation is that you keep the car and keep driving it. You should really go enjoy this car and stop babying it. It's not a friggin' Bugatti Veyron, your mileage on the car is ridiculously low.

Go drive the car and enjoy it, take it on a few trips and have some fun. Having it sit in the garage all summer is pointless.