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Originally Posted by Qship View Post
one more thing. if you can dupe a more powerful or any car into starting in 1st, while you start in 2nd and then rely on torque to wind it out you will avoid the shift, attack from behind, and make the more powerful car's driver look silly while you look like you didn't try at all. nobody wants to run immediately at full speed at the lights. there is always a question and prod period.
That doesn’t make sense, if you start in 2nd and I’m in 1st I’m going to pull so far ahead of you that there is no way you are going to catch up to me unless I’m in a Accord, especially when a car is faster than you, how are you going to catch him.

You are out of your power band and accelerate your going to get left behind.
The other car in the power band accelerates, and puts 4 or more car lengths on you, how are you going to make that up,
just because the car has longer gears or a higher redline, makes a difference??
I don't get it.