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Originally Posted by wgf77 View Post
On my way to work today I am merging onto the highway with 4 wideopen lanes and I catch a glipse of a blue Audi leaving the merge line early and heading for the far left lane. I am already in 2nd at about 30 mph. I immediately hit it. I cut straight to the far left and here we go. Did I mention through my quick check of the rearview that this happens to be the RS4? Shift at 8200 and 3rd was the gear that allowed me to pull. Not hard, but it was obvious to the both of us that before the shift into 4th, I had put space between the RS4. I hit the brakes and hauled it down fast. He got up next to me and I was already to give the thumbs up and he pretended he didn't even know he just got his ass kicked. That's okay...we know. One minute later a 335 pulls up (who must have witnessed it) and he proceeded to give the thumbs up. What a fun rush on the way to work.
No offense, but that wasn't a race. Both people have to be interested and all you did was see another driver moving around slower traffic and you decided to make a "race" out of it. You were in front of him and in the proper gear and gunned it. For all you know he had already shifted to 3rd or 4th. He was behind you when the "race" started and you never let him catch up. Getting caught speeding is one thing, getting caught racing is an entirely different set of penalties. Perhaps the guy didn't want anything to do with racing?

We all know that the RS4 is a tad slower than the M3 but nearly equal and it probably depends on exactly what speed the race starts and ends (gearing and shift points) as well as the condition of each engine. These two cars have been compared ad nauseam and thus there is little new to prove when two stock production versions of these cars "race".