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Just wanted to resurrect this thread to provide people with the solution. Its the exhaust gaskets between the headers and primaries.

On cold starts, my car would turn over, then sound like it was falling it face before slowly kicking in. It sounded like a cammed LS.

It was showing signs similar to a bad ICV or actuators. Car has stalled a few times before. 2 weeks ago the car went into limo mode. I shut it off, started it and it was fine. Didnt throw codes either. Ive gotten the "increased emissions" warning 3x as well. Whenever I would scan the car, I sometimes got O2 sensor errors.

Also on cold starts, after it would cycle, after roughly 5 seconds it would start again.

If you have a DCT car like me and you heard a pop when downshifting, thats another sign too.

After replacing these gaskets, the car starts up beautifully like it should. Its like the car was congested. Exhaust note also sounds smoother and less twangy.

Heres the part # 11627830668

Replacing it is very simple. Max time, an hour. Hope this helps.

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