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Originally Posted by replicat View Post
There is that thread SMG vs. Manual here on the forums and its a great debate. But SMG is the winner by far...unrivaled shift speeds (by any HUMAN, PERIOD. Its good for lazy around town traffic or at the track (more concentrating on driving and not worry about grinding gears when your trying to show off...flawless rev-matching...the list goes on and on.

However if this is a weekend car or driven only once a week or something then get stick and knock yourself out. (not literally, )

SMG has its countless merits, but I probably won't be ordering it. I have not sampled SMG III, however I've been told by some users that they feel it's either too sharp and neck snapping (which is great much of the time) or too sloppy when not in the sportiest shift mode.

Maybe, I'm wrong but if it's anything like the second generation, I would not like it. Besides, I'm not tracking my car nor drag racing at the strip, so 1/100th of a second does not matter to me.

I think it feels too sterile and less involved. If any users of SMG III have extensive use and feedback, please post. I'd like to hear.

I have also heard of many M5 owners having repeated problems with the system. Maybe the bugs are worked out, maybe not. I think BMW does many things right and makes some of the best engines in the world, but I think they need a little R&D in the clutchless tranny dept. Maybe, a dual clutch type, ala Porsche designed-Audi used, or Ferrari's F1.