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It's crazy when all the options on a particular vehicle total more than the base price!!!

I realize that this is where most of the profits are for car manufacturers, but I wonder how many times - or if ever - has an actual buyer checked off all the options where it doubled the base price of the car?

It's really sad to see most of these options are nothing but cosmetic changes & don't actually improve handling or performance.

I remember the days where the majority of options were things like power windows/locks, AC, CD player, etc. I guess now that those things are standard offerings, car manufacturers have moved on to other things. Who really needs their seat belt painted a different color??

I blame all the ricers for customizing their cars with aftermarket parts forcing the auto manufacturers for wanting a big piece of that market.

I have to admit though that there is nothing better than seeing a four banger Japanese car that's made to look like a stealth jet but when you look under the hood it's bone stock