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E92 M3 - Water in Battery Compartment and follow on issues.

Hi Everyone.
To start, I am looking for the best way to replace/refurbish my control unit 61359134708 that is part of the CAS system.
I'm guessing this is needed, here's why;

Last week I began to have starting issues. I had a jump start and the problem seemed to go away. That was until Saturday when I got stranded in Mortdale. The car was acting like it had a flat battery. So I called the NRMA for a new battery. The technician came out. He couldn't get to the retaining clip at the bottom of the battery because the compartment was full of brown water. So he jumped me and I sailed on home (about 12k) intending to get the battery out myself the next day and diagnose the water issue.

The next day, after a lot of effort, I had the battery out. Brown water mark half way up the battery. I fished around until I found the drain plug and let out a good 2-3 litres of brown water. That was when the fun started!

The positive HT lead had been immersed in water (DANGER) at the connection point to the main HT line to the front of the car. So I fiddled with it a bit to check for corrosion and it came off in my hand. It was missing the retaining nut! So how the hell the car had been functioning at all amazed me. So any rate, to cut a long story short.. I cleaned the whole compartment (will need to do again and spray fish oil when I locate the water leak). Cleaned up the blow off lead and fixed it back onto the HT line with a nylock nut.. Car starts perfectly now.

BUT this is where the story started. I now have all manner of comfort access issues. Carly tells me that I have a code 00A103 (speed signal permanent failure A103 / EWS4 CAS bus error). So I'm assuming, unless it is a blown fuse, I have damaged the Control Unit Passive Go, Part n0 61359134708.

So, any help to where I can get the repair/fault diagnosed properly or a new part locally (Sydney Southside) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for listening Rob
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