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Originally Posted by EMITTR View Post
I use distilled or deionized water and get pretty much zero spots. Distilled water has 0 TDS. Can you tell me what the Total Dissolved Solids count of the filtered water is? I spend about $8.00 (8 gallons) for the rinse water and let it air dry. The water here is not that hard but has a 250 TDS count and this is where the spots come from. Deionized water runs about 20. Again distilled is 0 and works beautifully but buying and lugging 32 gallons of water a month gets old. If the filtered water is near zero that would be great as my water lugging days would be over.

If I missed that in here...apologies.
Mine is reading an 8 TDS count, but that's after using it ~7 times (car washes). Unfiltered water is reading about 11 TDS. I was actually a little surprised to see that the delta wasn't bigger, because it does make a difference with my car with regards to eliminating water spots. It would be interesting to see the kinds of TDS readings when filtering higher TDS count water.

Why don't you give it a costs less than $35 dollars to install.