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I have to laugh out loud abit...what you are saying is exactly what all the investing books say...let me ask you this, the fundamentals of MSFT have been great over the past decade and they have increased sales and profits yet the momo players left that stock a decade ago and havent come back...same with INTC and why havent those stock prices gone up to any significant degree over the past decade???

I will tell you why, stock price is only about supply and demand...and if you think your investments are not influenced by the futures market and FOREX you either dont understand this concept or are delusional...

And what you said about money velocity is true but this is only important when there IS excess money supply to begin with...this happens when money is created out of thin air by the Fed's...also happens when loans(i.e.-money) are created out of thin air by the banks...then velocity is important but you cant have velocity without a fiat society, MONEY=DEBT!!!!!

Keep investing with fundamentals if thats your thing, but dont kid yourself, the reason why it works over the long run is because the Fed's keep expanding the money supply(helps real estate, equities, gold, oil, even your precious watches and pens) and inflation is created...dont believe me, plot of the value of the US Dollar since the fed Reserve Act was enacted in 1913 and plot of the stock mkt(inversely proportional)...value of dollar has gone down by 98% since then.

If the stock mkt was really dependent on earnings, then we would never see co's like TSLA and the 3D printing co's taking off like it is...speculation through stock supply and demand, that is what its about.

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All of your investments both tangible or not are part of your "portfolio,” at least in my opinion. By purchasing several homes and renting them out, you’re essentially creating your of REIT. I spoke with a man a while back who told me that he had no reason to invest in the stock market because real estate is doing so well right now. What he failed to realize is that he is most certainly invested in the market as a whole, but he has no diversification. It’s not necessarily a bad approach as long as it matches your risk tolerance and financial goals.

I consider many things I own to be part of my portfolio. Obviously, my mutual fund and equity positions are part of my portfolio. However, I also consider many tangible assets as part of my portfolio as well: Coins, Fountain Pens, Watches, Antiques, and even some of the vehicles I've owned in the past.

All these things can and should be considered part of your portfolio
-Classic Cars
-Precious metals and stones
-Real estate
All of these things should be considered as part of your portfolio. They’re simply ways to further diversify your money. Your investment doesn’t necessarily have to have a ticker symbol. To me, an “investment” is anything that has the potential to be bought for less than you can sell it for.