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Some explanations...

Originally Posted by richpuer View Post
Pull up real close to me and rev their engines and take off?...
Let's see. C63 drivers do this to:

A) Remind you that power-to-weight doesn't always win?
B) Demonstrate that you are far from king of the road?
C) Show you what a real exhaust sounds like while being blown into your grille? Or:
D) Satisfy their genuine curiosity as to what the real difference would be?

In any event, it's wise to not take them up on it, even if you're on a limited-access open road with no traffic around, because:

A) In cars like these, throw-the-key-away speeds are only seconds away.
B) You're almost certainly going to lose.

Yeah, I know that the race doesn't always go to the swift, nor the battle to the strong - but that's the way to bet.


PS - Ignore any of my previous posts that may have inadvertently referred to possible demonstrations of excess speed.

PPS - Sure, you could play the "mine's better than yours in the twisties" card, but anybody who would try and prove that on public roads is completely looney. A drag race is safe by comparison.