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Originally Posted by Ryan Leonardo
Originally Posted by mikal7 View Post
The frs is a marketing mess. Toyota spent more money selling it than they ever did building any part of it and people who have never driven real "drivers cars" bought into it.

If you want a supra, buy one. Don't wait until 2017 to be disappointed. If you want a BMW sports car, there's tons to choose from. /rant

Don't be naive.... Only thing subaru provided was the engine..

Everyone is saying subaru built the chassis , I don't think that's true.

Toyota's don't get too much love but lately THEY CAN BUILD CARS, look at the LFA and new GS F sport....

Much to the perception of Mercedes gettin bashed here but thier recent cars are more drivers cars than BMW's, some people just can't comprehend that , a lot of bimmers are soft now, but since it's a BMW forum they can do wrong lol