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Originally Posted by tbonem3 View Post
Initially the dealer scratched my rim on my '12 E92 ZCP
-they agreed to fix the scratch, and in the week long process they fixed the scratch, but again scratched the paint
-i bitched and requested a paint repair kit and a new replacement front ZCP wheel
-two months later, the new rim arrives and the dealer puts it on
-I ask the service Manager if i can buy the old wheel from them for cheap to use as a spare
-he comes back with a price of about $360
-brand new ZCP wheel shipped online cost between $500-$550..

take the dealer deal, ask for lower price or buy a new one? thanks.
I bought a used 220m here for much less than that. Add on the used tire I found here, and it's still much less than that. If you're patient you can find one here. I'm also using mine as a spare

I bought from this guy: