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Rallye BMW - Excellent Marks!!

So was about that time to do my oil change. So called up Hassel and to my service advisor is no longer after a few calls I talked to a very cool SA at Rallye..(who incidentially also owns an M3)..

I went thru my concerns regarding doing a proper warm up before changing the oil and making sure the levels were good...and ofcourse using the right oil..He stopped me before I could even continue and said to me "I got you..I will personally handle everything"

In addition to the oil change I needed to have my A-pillar re-adjusted (apparently clips were broken) and wiper blades changed.

And just for hahas the car decides to pop up with the yellow ABS - BRAKE and traction control off icons as I am driving to the dealer..immediately I am thinking DSC module and cool that happend right as I am going in for service..turns out it was a bad wheel speed sensor.

Car comes out (no wash ofcourse as I requested) and everything is sorted...oil level is more lights... A-pillar blades..

To sum up Rallye BMW is one of the best dealerships I have visited (and I have visited almost all in the NY area)...very capable guys and one of the few non corporate owned BMW dealerships in the NY area.

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