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Originally Posted by zx10guy View Post
I have tons of Ducati stories but they're also related to their Superbikes. But Ducati does use the same engine in their Superbikes on other models. Things may have improved with their quality these days but here are a list of things I've had to deal with on my 2009 848:

Horizontal head gaasket
Clutch master cylinder
Immobilizer antenna
Bad turn signal LEDs on right mirror
Radiator (design flaw which Ducati fixed the next model year)
Plastic fuel tank deformation

And currently have it apart waiting on a new voltage regulator which is also a recognized issue for pretty much all Ducati bikes of this era.

But yes, the service intervals have been extended such as doing the timing belt and valve service.

I haven't ridden a Multistrada. Have been hearing from others that it's a great ride. I have done a short ride on a GS. I can see the appeal with them. As big as the 1200GS was that I rode, it didn't feel big once I got going. It wasn't that bad for me to handle at a stop as I'm 6'5". My friend that practically threw me on the bike because he wanted me to experience a GS isn't that tall either. I would say maybe 5'10.
ZX10guy are you familiar with Duc Pond ? what happened they are no longer a Ducati franchise.

I go to buy a R1250GS on Thursday and there is a stop sale on them. they really have no idea when the recall on the front caliper will be fixed.

Then I derive like 140 miles to go to supposedly the best Ducati dealership around and they aren't selling new bikes.
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