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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Wow that was fast...was your car dropped off on the East Coast or West Coast? I remember our cars were shipped around the same time so I'm assuming yours didn't have to make the path through the panama canal. Congrats and post some pics when you can!
Yes, you guys have to wait longer because it goes through the Panama canal. I'm about 'central' (near Toronto, Ontario). So after it got discharged from the boat on the east coast last Thursday, it travelled by train to Toronto over the course of 6 days - although it might have only taken 3 if the train hadn't broken down. Then it was supposed to take 2 to 3 days to arrive at the dealership by truck, but it made it in 1 day.

If you pick it up next Thursday or Friday, I'm guessing it will arrive at your dealership Tuesday or Wednesday!

I posted a couple of pics of the dirty car in the Canadian tracking thread (as we're not supplied with an on-line tracking system by BMW):
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