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Originally Posted by Brisk View Post
the e92 M3 6spd manual tranny is being used in the 335i manual aswell without oil cooler, and a 335i 6spd manual with chip and exhaust already kept up with a modded M5. will be interesting.

Just to be clear, the 335i I think you're speaking of (Sherwin's car) had a lot more than just the PROcede v2.0 and an exhaust.
It also had Downpipes, larger intercooler and I can't remember what else is on Sherwin's car.
And it only kept up until about 120 mph from a 50 ish mph roll), after that the lightly modded E60 M5's pulled away.
I think a PROceded v2.0 335i with just exhaust would keep up with a stock e60 M5 until about 120 mph too, but the little screaming V10 would pull after that.
I also think a 335i with PROcede v2.0 alone will run side by side with the e92 M3