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CarTest, etc.

Originally Posted by Driver72 View Post
yeah, I have had CarTest for years.
But unless you adjusted the shift speeds of the SMG, that will be off.
Also, I noticed, CarTest doesn't do well with Forced Induced engines ( I know that isn't relative with the M cars).
And lastly, many engines are underrated (like the 335i) so it's hard to use CarTest accurately in those cases.
But granted it is pretty accurate a lot of the time, at least the ET's in the 1/4 but for some reason the 1/4 mile traps (and speeds into the triple digits) are often listed on CarTest as being a decent amount slower than what the car's really do.

Sill, I don't see the e92 doing 0-60 times better than 4.4 seconds (like the M5)
The M5's are also doing the 1/4 in the low 12's @ 115+ mph
I think with the E92 M3 you'll see the following best times:
12.6-12.7 @ 111-112ish for the manual
12.5-12.6 @ 112-113ish for the DSG version
CarTest FTW! You not only have to adjust the shift times manually to match SMG or DCT but you also have to change the integration time step too a much smaller value. See my post on M3 vs R8 via CarTest here then look at my post #40 where I followed up with the dialed in DCT simulations.

I also noticed the same problems with FI engines. The 335i is particularly difficult to get right as it is not only FI but under-rated as well.

AFA besting the 4.4 0-60 time I suspect we will see it. It won't be the average time reported by mags but C&D already got 4.4 and they claimed the road surfaced sucked and was quite slick. With M-DCT we will definitely see that number as you'll save about .25 seconds on the 1-2 shift before 50 mph.

I think your predictions of the 1/4 mi times are pretty close although the best yet for the MT seems to be only 12.9 thus far (but again same slick surface here from C&D).