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^^well we def can take care of you with whatever you wanted to do. If you can sell your car yourself always try to, bc yes you will take a hit if you trade it in, no secrets there.

as far as buying a car off the lot and ordering goes we usually "never" have any M's in stock they are always sold so I believe at this time you would have the order only option if you go through us. Checa can get you set up with all that info no problem.

Colors; you can get any color you want if you order and you can option out your car anyway you like as well. There are also tons of indiv option to pick from through BMW individual program. If you pick to go indiv road figure it will be an additional 5k$ for the paint and a little bit longer of a wait. We sell tons of indiv orders so getting approval is not an issue at all

go ahead and shoot checa an email at and she will be able to help you out with whatever you need whenever your ready (closed sundays)