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I dont mean to acid rain on your parade. I have had 2 new cars with the same problem. The first time was when I ordered a new Corvette and was so excited from waiting 3 months, that I was naive to why the dealer had the car all shiny and clean sitting out in front of the dealership (in the shade) for delivery!!! The second time was "After" I had the car for awhile. The only cure I found, other than a respray of the clear (an ordeal I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy) is many coats of carnuba wax, also a machine application of Gray 3M Swirl Remover works, but doesnt last long! It sounds silly, but seems to be the least of all the evils. If you wash the car alot that can make it more of a delimma also. I just think that even with todays paints, they still dont seem to be fully cured for a period of time, and always seem to get exposed to some type of corrosive moisture or contamination in the air if they arent kept garaged 24/7. I know people will chime in with recommending the dealer take the car back, replace it, respray it, (wetsanding and polishing can help some, but there is not too much clear coat on production cars) but it is like being a perfectly health person telling someone who has cancer "Geez I feel for you" so forgive me for not taking that hypocritical approach! Having been in your shoes, and probably having my life shortened by 10 years, and many gray hairs from the stress of trying to figure out how to put a square peg in a round hole, lots of good waxing and time seems to be the only cure to diminish it. I love my cars, but I keep things into perspective in the fact that they are basically just an expensive transportation device, and it probably wont be your last new car. And sometimes, the old expression "If it isn't comletely broke, dont try to fix it" you sometimes end up with a worse situation than when you started!