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Originally Posted by Max_! View Post
> I know what people must think

Don't presume to know what I think.
No one did that, I think he was talking about people in general - and im just trying to answer some questions you have had to the best of my ability.

Originally Posted by Max_! View Post
So you should strive to be like the prophet, but it's OK if you don't do that for some things? Isn't that making up your own religion?

It's good if a religion can keep up with the times... But I've come across really silly stuff over the years - girls asking how to hang the washing like the prophet or some guy asking how to wash a car like the prophet. Or how to install car ice like the prophet.
As a muslim, you should strive to be like the prophet Muhammad, because he shows you the way to be a good muslim. There are two forms of Sunnah (the way of the prophet) the exterior sunnah, how he dressed, acted, and peformed tasks and duties, and the inner sunnah, the way he believed without doubt, the way he revered and worshiped the creator of all things.

As a muslim, you will never be exactly like the prophet. Especially in the inner sunnah. The prophet used to fast all day, eat a few dates and then continue fasting. A normal person can not do this, they will hurt their health. The prophet had that level of belief and was able to do it. The rule I would say is this , try your best - everyone is at a different level. Muslims try to do things as he did becuase they are PROUD to be affliated with him in anyway. There is no harm in not being able to do something that is Sunnah the exact way. Sunnah also, by definition means 'extra' the required things in Islam are cleared defined (belief, daily prayers, fast ramadan, etc..) those are things that you must do.

Originally Posted by Max_! View Post
Say, do you know if there will be only one prophet for all times, or is it possible there may yet be another?
There have been many prophets sent to all kinds of people, starting what Adam and then there are the more prominent ones such as Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Noah, and Muhammed. Who is believed by Muslims to be the last of the prophets. He was the last warner before the end of time.

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