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Originally Posted by Badmaash View Post
From the beginning, the Prophet Muhammed was persecuted, he never wanted to fight. Especially in the early wars he was involved in, the odds were rediculous - like 10,000 muslims v. 100,000 arab troops. They took his wealth, expelled him from his home, and then sent armies to erradicate him.

The teachings of Islam are to fight only when you have to defend your homes, family, or religion.

Go back to the crusades, when the muslims would take a region over, all other religions were allowed to keep thier religion, when the christians took over a region, it was 'convert or die' there was massive bloodshed. Historically, even Jews living under the Islamic caliphate admitted that they were sheltered and protected from persecution.

Dont be fooled, religions are just fronts these days... The underlying reason for all the bloodshed is politics, wealth, and worldly possesions. Everything that true Islam is against.

nice post brother, I feel these are difficult times, noone really is interested in Islam or the teachings of our holy prophet. I mean they actually think they know him, but they really dont, people make crazy cartoons of him when they dont even know him! and the funny thing is these people are the worst people because they hate something they do not even fully understand. If you wont take the time to understand the teachings of our religion, then why abuse it? I know it sounds harsh but it really hurts when most people dont understand Islam, but they condemn it's teachings and our holy prophet...