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Originally Posted by Max_! View Post
No, it doesn't seem crazy. Only, you would have to make a superhuman effort to sleep on your right side an entire night,
honestly, its not that hard - I dont understand what needs to "superhuman" about it. Its just like sleeping in any other position. Humans are very habitual, once you start doing something it becomes a habit and you naturally sleep like that. I dont see how the health benefits would be off set, especially how there is less pressure on the heart. And I dont see how you wouldn't look any different than sleeping in any other position.

Originally Posted by Max_! View Post
So... Allah dictated it and Muhammed wrote it down?

That's slightly better than the christian bible, most of that was written 30 or more years after Jesus died, by people who never met the man.
This is correct, Through the angel Gabriel. The prophet Muhammad was illiterate, had to have it all memorized. It was compiled together and written down. No alternate versions have existed successfully.

Originally Posted by Max_! View Post
No, I was referring to Aisha...
I'm not sure what would be considered 'of age' in those days though.

Also, should one strive to marry as many women as Muhammed married?
Yes, sorry thats what I meant. It was like 3am when I posted that.
Of Age >= 19
The concept of marrying more than one woman is first off something that is a natural desired in most men, but back in those days it was more than just something someone did for fun. Being married back then provided stabilty and protection for a woman. There were also a lot of widows around, due to the fact the so many of their husbands were killed in the wars. So, some men took on more wives. In Islam, the wife has so much right over the husband - He must provide for her and treat her in the best of ways (unfortunately this isnt the case with a lot of modern day muslims) so it is very hard to take on many wives and it is not the norm. I know I have my hands full with my wife, I could never handle another

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