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> To you that may seem crazy - but the prophet shows you the way that is better for you. Sleeping on your right side has health benefits.

No, it doesn't seem crazy. Only, you would have to make a superhuman effort to sleep on your right side an entire night, and all health benefits would be offset by the continued restriction in blood flow unless you've got, like, a special anti-decubitus matras. (Something which did not exist when Muhammed walked the earth)

Do you know anyone who can do this? Sleep on his right side all night? And still look halfway decent in the morning?

> No human has written the Quran, it was revealed to the prophet word for word.

So... Allah dictated it and Muhammed wrote it down?

That's slightly better than the christian bible, most of that was written 30 or more years after Jesus died, by people who never met the man.

> You are talking about Fatima, as always is under attack. The marriage was not consumated until she was of age.

No, I was referring to Aisha...
I'm not sure what would be considered 'of age' in those days though.

Also, should one strive to marry as many women as Muhammed married?