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Originally Posted by Hawker30 View Post

No trouble at all here is the reply:
I think the Gintani Sport valve system would suit you best, it will really cut back on the drone. The fuel smell is due to the system being full catless. When you had the engine remapped for the SC did they eliminate the cold start cycle? This will make a huge difference to the smell as the idea with the cold start cycle is to preheat the cats, so if you are catless there is extra fuel being poured into the exhaust for no reason. You are correct about the stock xpipe. it will quieten down the system quite some but may not eliminate drone, (this is more the function of the rear silencers) the valves will do that best. Downside to the stock X-pipe is the loss of about 25-28 HP and you will very quickly burn out the cats due to the increase in temperature and gas flow with the SC. This is on advice from our performance shop here, I'm told SC's eat cats for breakfast then spits them out ;-) You can get HFC's for the Gintani and they are quieter but I'm not sure about life compared to the resonated pipes (which I think are the best)

Whilst I am the Australian Distributor for Gintani, and am really happy to help where possible, I suggest you call Nick at Gintani (CA) who is an expert in this area. If you came from stock your exhaust may not get the WAF for now, it's only a matter of time to adjust ... remember an exhaust system to guys is what shoes are to women
I think we would all be jealous of hearing that magnificent sound when you peel the roof down


I have problems with the statement that sc eat cats and destroy them as this is totally false. Maybe you're thinking of people talkig about leaded gas on high hp applications that will destroy the cats but an sc? No way. Look at all the factory supercharged cars with no issues.