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Hey all - Been out for a while but I'm back in the e9x game. It's been almost 2 years since I sold my slicktop manual e90 which I regretted from the moment the new owner drove it away. I sold it because I was "seduced" by the power of an F10 M5. About 6 months after selling the e90, I found the perfect F10 M5, low miles, already tuned w/ a Stage 1 Dinan, CPO, Monte Carlo Blue. Amazing car no doubt, but it took that car to teach me that power isn't everything and that engagement, experience, and what you feel while driving, is. So despite loving the M5, after a couple of months, I realized I wanted another e9x M3. Although I know E90's are more rare, I began the search for a low-optioned, near "stripper" e92. What can I say, I've always wanted the carbon fiber roof. So after several months searching, multiple WTB threads and scouring autotempest daily, I found a car. It's definitely not THE CAR, it's NOT a low-optioned stripper, but these cars are increasingly more difficult to find so I definitely "settled" on a few things. With that said, I'm going to enjoy "restoring", perfecting, and driving this car for a while before I continue the search for a "unicorn" (at least that's the plan for now). Looking forward to being an active member again and checking in on the guys that helped with my e90, derbo ItsGary BOOF-M3. So without further ado, here are some current pics, plans and some of the "LOVE" this car needs to be brought back to OEM+ spec.

*Edit: Plans for the car as of 10/16/2020 - This will be my fun/weekend/track toy; need it to have decent road manners, enough for me to occasionally drive it to work or around town and still be focused enough for weekend track events and HPDE's.

-Tune (thinking Epic MS here)
-Karbonius Intake Plenum (want a plenum that actually makes power, even if minimal).
-MS Stg II Intake (had this on my e90 M3 and loved it)
-MS Pulleys (had these on my e90 M3 a)
-Autosolutions SSK; unless there's a decent chassis-mount option available these days that looks more OEM
-Ultimate Clutch Pedal
-OEM sachs clutch (prob won't need this until 150k miles or more)

-Thinking about headers but not too sure about this...anyone have any input?
-BW X-pipe; likely resonated and maybe sport-catted.
-OEM Exhaust; I just prefer the look. Need to get rid of the ActiveAutowerke on there now.

-Thinking Ohlins R&T here, given the suggestions/intended use.
-GC Camber plates
-Upgraded OEM components as needed

-Stoptech ST60/40 Kit...Unless there's a better option/value for the weekend warrior, I think I've made up my mind on this.

-18" or 19" EC-7's or ARC-8's. Not sure yet. Also not sure if I want to run a square setup on the street...
-Tires...tough one here; my go to is the MPS 4s, but I think I want a bit more for the track...Any suggestions?

-Front seats - not looking to go crazy but the seating position in the e9x M3 isn't ideal, even compared to my F10 M5. I'm able to get so much lower in the M5; looking for the same in the M3. Sportsters may be the way to go.

Exterior: I would like a GTS lip like the one in the GB...but that's a bit of a luxury at this point.

The day I brought her home: 2009 E92 M3, Alpine White, 6-speed manual, carbon fiber roof, Black Novillo leather, Ind. Audio (and Nav) and Carbon Structure trim.
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