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Originally Posted by Redadair View Post
My point is this. When I come to a forum to read supjects about e90, e92 I like to read all that applies without wondering where things might be categorized. For example. I posted a new post about my new 19Ē wheels under the General e90 Sedan etc forum, the moderator who moved it moved it to the Photo/Video/Media Gallery. I wonder how many 335i owners would think to look there if they were looking for comments about my new Miro CSL Replica wheels.

I know I wouldnít So my point is this. I also posted this same post on Bimmerfest under the General e90 post and itís still there along with other reports about wheels, questions about speakers, video of a 330i racing all things that apply to the e90. Here it like a librarian trying to file each post in some chronological order that most donít understand. All of these above topics were moved to other places, who knows where.

Again what difference does it make if someone asks about speakers or wants to show a u tube video or talks about wheels in the general forum, after all these are all general discussions about the e90.

Does anyone who also has an account on Bimmerfest find it just one big blob of information? I find it very easy to stay up with the General conversations. I rarely look under the other sections here or on Bimmerfest. I am looking for General info about my e90.
Its a question of volume, at a place like bimmerfest they get about 2-3 pages of bumped threads in 24 hours, so having all the posts in one forum is managable for the reader. This site gets about 10x the number of posts, the only way its manageable and readable is that its getting sorted out, otherwise there would be about 20 pages of new topics per day in the general forum, I doubt you could sift through that.