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wow the diff must have went up then bc i got it for alot less then that. i wouldn't have done it if it was that much

i like all my mods from dinan but the one that was the best for me the most power gain and the most overall make me want to get in the car everyday mod was the midpipe and muffler combo.

i had the software and rear muffler first which was ok little power increase and the software made the car run alot better and increased rev limiter and all. but when i added the midpipe i was like wow. it was like a new car. the increased power and tq was awesome

so if your asking me my op i would leave the other stuff for now and just do the midpipe and muffler with the software that is gonna be the most power gain and that you will actually really feel the difference.

the sound is amazing and it doesn't drone and is only loud when you want it to be so i don't think it would bother the wife.

if that guy whos car your going to drive has the midpipe and muffler then you will see what i mean. below 4k it has a nice deep tone then above 4k it has a higher pitch exotic tone to it. all this while not droning inside the car and not loud inside the car

Originally Posted by DaFish View Post
Hi, my sales guy just called me with an update - and it isn't good....

1) Dinan 4.10 Diff of course isn't covered by the 20% off sale.... all in = $4798
2) Dinan High flow intake: all in = 1393
3) Dinan pulley all in = 897
4) Dinan software all in = 910
5) Dinan exhaust all in = 2900

I think I could live with 1 kidney if I could get 5k for it....

H Bomb - what would you do? I really want the diff and that has the break in period that I could do when the car is breaking in when I pick it up.

The exhaust maybe too loud for my wife.... she has to go in it, so I am going on Monday to drive a DCT car with all this (except the diff) the dealership owner has one....

Question: will the intake (stupid amount of money), pulley and software give me the same pull as the diff?

The pulley, software and intake has no break in period... so I could do that down the road.

The diff, pulley, intake, software - no exhaust is $7800 all in.

basically I don't want to spend any more than 5k that puts the car at over $90k Canadian.... I may pass a hat around...

OR should I do nothing - drive the car for a bit and then upgrade slowly - the danger is I don't do anything.

I am bummed out.... Help !
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