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Stupid Honda dealer

Today, I brought my 2007 Honda Civic for regular servicing today oil change, tire rotation, etc and I told the service people that my right front wheel area squeaks when I drive over 70kph. They probably didn't believe me because it's such a new car but I do believe did they take a look at it. When I got the car home, I realized they greased all on my front right dashboard including speakers, vents, front right passenger door bottons and door handle in heavy white grease!!! WTF?!? The entire friggin' dashboard not just the panels, the entire friggin' dashboard. That's like saying, my front hood emits strange noises, let's grease your entire front hood with grease! Now my dashboard looks WHITE!!! I tried washing it off with water but that didn't help.....

Does anyone here know of any products that will remove grease from the dashboard which won't damage the dashboard?