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Barnie Frank still needs to go.

Barney Frank and the Male Prostitute – 1989

"Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Barney Frank admitted a lengthy relationship with a male hooker who ran a bisexual prostitution service out of Frank's apartment."

"Though Frank was apparently ignorant of some of the prostitute's activities, his indiscretion was so great that his standing in Congress was greatly damaged and a House reprimand passed overwhelmingly in July 1990."
Congressional Bad Boys

The House voted 408-18 to reprimand Frank. It was a tough, four-hour debate. It got ugly when the Honorable William Dannemeyer (Republican-California) started badgering Frank about his activities. "It's a cultural war" between "Judeo-Christian ethic" and "moral relativism," shouted Dannemeyer. Then the Honorable Julian C. Dixon (Democrat-California) lashed out at Dannemeyer, accusing him of using "edited, selective garbage" against Frank.

Frank was later asked about Dannemeyer's remarks: "There's something about homosexuality that sets Mr. Dannemeyer to vibrating. I don't know what it is."

Frank took to the House floor an apologized to his colleagues and conceded that he had erred. (Frank was only the seventh Member of Congress ever reprimanded).

Many colleagues and Washington know-it-alls figured Barney was done for. But his Massachusetts constituents stuck with him, and he's still in Congress. Check out Jeff Jacoby's article about Massachusetts.
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