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Originally Posted by ucla bruin View Post
Haha. I don't know what sponsorship he's talking about because I dished out thousands of of my own dollars to purchase this exhaust. If IPE is telling you they gave out a FREE set, then I'm going to have problems with lmted but I don't believe they did. You can check with whomever you'd like (IPE, EAS, lmted, my accountant?), that I did not receive this for free.

Now, obviously you are Rimier Motorsports, why hide behind this user name? And to me your posts are biased against me. When I was researching and contacted IPE, they didn't direct me to you guys. Please don't turn this into a forum war because of something out of my control. I'm sure you know this, there are multiple vendors in the US that now carry IPE.

For the last time, I don't know where IPE is getting his info from, but I do not run lmted and do not own lmted. In your private email, it was pointed out that lmted is tied to IPE as a vendor but I have no idea how IPE would know who I am. Looks like there was a miscommunication from lmted to IPE perhaps. If lmted referred to my car as their own to IPE, I have no problem with that, especially it's all over the site. I like how they operate just like I'm a fan of EAS, Forgestar....etc. If Tom from EAS wanted to use any of my cars for anything, all he has to do is ask. That's what Alex did.

Instead of trying to discredit me for whatever reason, I think we can just agree this is a good product (since you guys sell it) and hopefully you guys can benefit from this review!
I've stated the facts that have been presented to me and that's where I'm going to leave it. The only reason I'm responding now, is to hold you to your last comment (that is now on it's 3rd revision). Good day