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Originally Posted by badfish View Post
Greg, thanks. I found a link to the sensor you are talking about here.

I am really suspecting foul play on my car now while it was at the show. My car came back with the headlights acting this way and then I got a low tire pressure alert so I filled it up last night. I just went out to look for this sensor and decided to check on the pressure. Well, the tire had zero pressure in it so I filled it up using the M3 compressor. After I filled it up, I mixed a soapy solution in a spray bottle. Started out spraying the tire to see if I could find the leak but decided to check the valve stem on the TPMS. Boom, found a big leak around the seal. I took an 11 mm socket to tighten it back up to the point where the bubbles stopped coming out.

Bear in mind that my car has been fine and suddenly these 2 issues come right after the show. Car was lowered weeks ago. Last time the tires were put on the wheel was also several weeks ago. I had to leave the car at the show overnight and who knows what could have happened that 1st day.
that sucks badfish...hopefully you can get it worked out. thanks to greg and badfish for the leveling sensor tip. i'll keep it in mind in case something goes awry.
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