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Originally Posted by Route 16 View Post
EDIT: front lip sold, rear diffuser still for sale
I live overseas in Germany for now, own an E90 M3. I purchased the Varis diffuser replica through a GB on the forum earlier this year. Purchased it, hopefully I would have it shipped overseas (USPS-too big). I had it shipped to my home in San Diego and recently went back. UPS/FedEx quotes were, cheapest shipping was $950.

I do not suspect I'll be back CONUS for 3 more years due to rotating overseas duty stations. So I'm out. I purchased the diffuser for $823. Am only looking for local pick up in SD at my cousin-in-law's house. I'm now back in Germany
$800 picked up, includes the PP fees.
It's still in it's original box, included the brackets and screws.
I wish I was able to disassemble but it is all one piece. Probably aside from the fins but it is still one piece.

Local pick up as well for the GTS V2, 2-piece front lip (E90/E92/E93). It was very hard for me to find an FRP-polyurethane front lip (I disliked fiberglass/CF due to spider webbing cracks and if you punch a hole through it, it's done). If you still have it years later, I'll buy it back. Originally matte black, painted alpine white, never installed and with the mover's has some scuffs. Original intent of the lip was to ride #gangbanglow (thanks DDE). I made my own aluminum skid plate for scrapping, now I won't get to enjoy this piece.
$350 picked up, includes the PP fees.

If you want both $1150 picked up includes PP fees.
No, hey I'm in college excuses, etc. Got the money, cool it's yours. I'll have my cousin-in-law arrange pick up at his place.
Damn bro did they extend you?!

Let me borrow that rear diffuser until you get back
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