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Originally Posted by linuxd00d View Post
I shopped around for my euro delivery, also on a X above invoice basis. I knew exactly what I wanted. The big CA dealer on this forum was $600 over invoice, Alvin in Bellevue was $1K over and Fife was $1500 over.

Fife was a bunch of idiots who never took me seriously because I showed up in shorts in my wife's dirty Forester.

I went with Bellevue over CA because I couldn't make the trip from LA in under $400 and planning that trip would be a PITA, with the unknowns of euro-redelivery.

My experience with Alvin was very much so-so. He made me drive to Bellevue twice to sign paperwork (which is a pain for me on a weekday), forgot our appointment once and wasn't honest about it, and made me fill out a ton of BS forms I didn't need because I wasn't financing the car. And he refused to give me the M floor mats which, according to this forum, most dealers provide for euro-dev cars that don't get them.

At the end of the day, I'll very seriously consider CA next time. But I wouldn't necessarily avoid Bellevue either if it's more convenient for me.
I guess we all have different experiences.

The only form I ever filled was my order form (I also did not need financing), I changed my color option once and delivery date once as well and Alvin fixed it all up for me. He also made sure that my car did not get dealer prepped once it got redelivered.

When I am paying a certain profit to a dealer, I do not expect them to give me free bies...... Euro cars do come with floormats and I did not need an additional M mats.

Originally Posted by R3dn3k Flyby View Post
OP, I'm in the auto sales industry locally for a Honda/Acura dealer. I've got a friend and 2 former coworkers at BMW Northwest in Fife. I've found their sales department to be the easiest to work with thus far. Seattle is my destination for service.

If you're not already in contact with a dealer, PM me and I'll give you my friend's contact info at Northwest.
I had two experiences with them. One of them they try to sell me their demo M3 for MSRP and the 2nd time they told me that they are not interested in doing a Euro delivery...... I fail to see how you find them easiest to work with......

May be if you walk in there and pay MSRP for their demo cars????
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