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Add me to the list of MPE fan boys...

Just picked up my car from the dealership and drove around for an hour running errands and some country roads...

For me it is a huge relief that the sound is perfect! Video/sound clips never do any exhaust justice IMHO. I think it has a nice oem performance sound. Nothing cheeseball or glam...

1. At cold start - the MPE make the car feel 'special'.
2. As mentioned by many others - the 3500-5k sound is exotic.
3. ZERO drone!
4. With DCT set at D2, and very gentle application of throttle - hard to tell it is any different than stock. This means no stink eye from spouse or remarks from non-car enthusiast professionals that ride with me sometimes. In other words, matching the rest of the e90 M3 personality, it can go into stealth mode whenever the driver wants it to. Hard to tell if it is any louder than stock when cruising at 70mph.
5. Enhances the fabulous S65 intake sounds (was concerned it would overshadow the wonderous S65 intake symphony).
6. Make the M3 feel a bit more special without sounding raty.
7. This point has not been stressed enought - but rev matched downshift sounds (alone) are worth the price of the MPE!!
8. OEM part
9. 2 year parts and labor warranty.
10. Other have said this should have been oem with the competition package - Agree 100%. But then Im not sure BMW could make as much on post purchase parts sales.
11. Nice to take off some weight, however meaningless.

One thing I noticed - it seems the rear bumper was considerably warmer than with oem exhaust. But could be in my head as I never have done and side by side comparison.

If you are looking to make a great car even better - and want something that wont annoy you with drone and rasp - this is a really great option. I could not be happier.

Bought this car 2 months ago and told myself "no mods"...oh well. I am stopping here... really - I am.
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