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Hard work. But even Paul Dalton doesn't use all SV products. And really, you should give the car time for the wax to "cure" and then apply another coat, cure, another coat, cure, another coat. Seriously. Once I get a garage again, I'll park my X5 for a week and spend about 6-8 days detailing it. A lot of lower end products can give a good SHINE, but it's not about shine, it's about longivity. Once a car receives a SERIOUS detail experience, it should last a good 4-8 months (or longer). Water should also bead off of the car as if its not even touching the surface.

Hard to live up to Paul D, but I happen to agree. Once a car receives a superb detail, you should be drying it off ... BY DRIVING IT.

Still, I'd use ur services ... Anyone using SV obviously knows what it is to really care for a car.