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Question What to buy? - Apple Macbook Pro vs PC Laptop

I'm contemplating on getting a new laptop but am stuck on which to choose. My biggest reason to be hesitant in choosing the Macbook is the amount of software available. Other than that I have no other problems. Today I went into my local computer store and to my surprise I saw them running the Windows XP w/SP2 on the Macbook. This changes everything because now I can run pc apps on the Macbook. As the HD is partitioned I can choose to run either the Macbook OS or the Windows XP OS upon start-up. In another words have the best of both worlds. Now we go back to my original question. What to buy? First of all I would be using the laptop for the usual internet and MS Office programs. I will also be doing some work related tasks on it as well. Other than that I would be using the laptop to do multimedia functions like Photoshop, video, music and some web design. I must add that it wouldn't be anything taxing on the system or will it be anything complex. The biggest advantage in choosing the PC laptop is that it will most likely be cheaper and I would have no immediate compatibility problems with my home PC. Although I like the idea that the Macbook runs more stable than a PC laptop. Now if money was not an issue, what would you recommend?
Please be objective and not relegate your comments to ones such as "Apple sucks." Thanks!