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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Yeah, that is really irresponsible legislation. Heck, "radical", maybe even "pinko" (to use an anacronism), I'd call it. Forcing folks to be more green, but doing so along with industry input and buy in. Terrible. I suppose you think the massive deregulation of the financial industry was a good thing as well? I hope you had a crystal ball and had no investments during the crash. I'm not saying more and bigger government is better but that really is not the issue.

I usually stray away from politics but...
This whole "green" movement is supported by special interests to the Democratic party. Funny Al Gore has taken the lead in this movement, however I wonder if it has to do with his investment in Capricorn Investment Group LLC, or Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, which invested a billion dollars in companies bidding on "green" contracts. They crucified Cheney for his ties to Haliburton but where is the left now?

Government regulation of certain industries is need I will admit. However their comes a point when it's influence effects the private sector to much. To many strict regulations will lead to companies being force to raise the cost they charge for the end item (which is of course is passed on to the consumer) which could eventually lead to declining profits, and bankruptcy.

If you believe the blame for financial collapse due to deregulation of the industry is soulfully on the hands of the Republican party you are clearly misinformed. Sure Republicans sponsored their share of legislation relating to this, however what about the policies of Clinton Administration in the early 90's? Barney Frank and the House Financial Services Committee? I guess those facts have been omitted by the talking points of the left. Again both parties are at fault.