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So why don't you explain to us Swampy, how is it possible for the M3 that weights 500lbs heavier, makes 22hp less, and 124 lbs-ft less torque than the Vette, and yet it can be as quick as the Vette if not quicker. These are enough evidence (not proof) for me of "massively under-rating". Please don't tell me because it can rev faster and higher than the Vette. So why don't you prove me wrong, i have no problem admitting when i'm wrong and when i'm rightfully and respectfully corrected. Again, show me proof.

Basically the same attributes that Bruce had pointed out before that should give the Vette a decent advantage.
1) LS3 is slightly lighter in weight
2) LS3 is similar in overall size but not as tall, lending itself to a lower center of gravity in pretty much any car
3) LS3 makes about five percent more power (22 HP)
4) LS3 makes about 45% more torque (124 pound feet)
5) LS3 appears to have better bsfc numbers

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