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Originally Posted by Boost_Nation View Post
I know man, but in this highly competitive and highly productive day and age that we live in, combined with my puts so much pressure on us (my generation). Makes us, or me at least, feel like we need to be perfect and perform at top percentile levels. And that we need to learn everything, quickly, efficiently, and as much as possible.

I know that all of the human characteristics that I just mentioned above are in fact positive traits and an elite mentality. But the pressures are still there, baring down on us.
I used to get really stressed about my schoolwork and had a similar problem with reading texts and so on. I would be reading but my mind would be thinking of something else and I wouldn't absorb the material.

Now I'm more relaxed about it and I don't stress over it. If I fail something or do bad on an assignment, it doesn't really matter anymore. I'll just do better on the next one...

I'll do my homework and study for tests, but I don't try as hard as I used to. I'm a lot happier this way too. And I still get good marks, I just don't have to stress over it. And being more relaxed I'm able to devote my full attention when I study.