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Originally Posted by Boost_Nation View Post
And what are your sources for this information?

I've said it in this thread before, Im not using adderall to get "high" or help with anything that has to do with abusing it. My adderall is strictly for helping me focus better on school related activities/material. Yea its a bit odd that I get sort of serious when Im on adderall, kind of straight faced and uneasily amused. And on the first day I tried it, which was about 2 days ago, I had a bad come down where I felt like I was about to feel very bored, had nothing to look forward to, needed to find something fun to do, felt down in general, had slight jaw clenching, and had a bit of a racy and panicky heart, which lasted about an hour or less.
my source is myself. Ive been through a lot of dumb shit and I finally said this is enough. I wanted my smile back, I wanted to be me again for better or worse. I know it has benefits buts its just not worth it. To me it seems like it bottles up your free spirit. sounds gay but I think its true. Ive come a long way since the days of too much drugs. I now have a wife, a beautiful baby boy, a house, 2 really nice cars and im happy. I still fuck around here and there but not with the happiness removal pill. This is just my experience and my .02.

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