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Clean up

UK: 50,625
Germany: 56.008 (w/o 19% luxury tax)
..............66.650 (with 19% luxury tax)
Italy: 67.900 (incl. tax)
France: 72.900
Switzerland: 97,026 (CHF)
..................104,400 (CHF, with 7.6% MWST tax)
South Africa: R650,000
Australia: $157,000 (AUD)
Denmark: 1,400,500 (krn)
New Zealand: 169,995 (NZD)
Japan: 9,960,000 (JPY)
Mexico: $87,390 (?)
Hong Kong: 1,368,000 (HKD) (estimate or final?)
Netherlands: 99.500
Guatemala US$ 118,000 (fully loaded or base price?)
Rep. of Ireland: 103,900

Guys: Let's stick to a uniform format for updating the list. Let's also keep all prices at the base price and report the currency with the right symbol in front or note in parenthesis afterwards. Mexico, Hong Kong and Guatemala all need some minor cleaning up. Thanks.