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Originally Posted by swifty View Post
The SL isn't forged. Only the TE37 ones are.

Great wheels for whoever buys this set of Advans. Picking one up here myself.
You are partially correct. The original TE37 is a 1 piece full forged aluminum wheel and the TE37 SL is also a forged wheel. It undergoes two types of forging.

Here is Rays Japan listing the SL as a forged wheel.

And EAS's explanation...

There is a trend of non- owners on m3post that go by hearsay and what others post and over time we see things that are totally false.

The ADVAN wheels have been a cast wheel since way back but are still just as good for daily driving, commuting, and track application.

I have had over 50 sets of forged and cast wheels since being in the scene since 1991.

To me ADVAN and Volk wheels are equal and I have had full forged 1 piece Volk wheels crack faster that my older cast RG2s.

Anyway I am not here to argue but to give my observation.

Anyway bump for some sick wheels..