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Originally Posted by Robin Hood View Post
The new S4 3.0 supercharged(of which I was talking about in my former postings) weighs a mere 1789kgs(.....) compared to the 1640kgs for the M3 saloon which already is an elephant on wheels in my opinion. A weight distribution of F55.4/44.6R compared to more or less 51/49 for the BMW's and somewhat boring AWD don't make the new (R)S Audis my kind of driving inspired car, though they look GREAT, inside and outside.

I'll never buy one again, for sure, even if it has a thousand BHP.
The M3 needs the near 50% weight balance because it's rwd, otherwise it can't put it's power down anywhere near as successfully as it does. You really need to get away from this idealistic belief that 50/50 weight balance is what make a great car because it's BS.

I can understand why you may find awd boring, some people find turbos boring, the same for automatics, I myself haven't totally warmed to the peaky N/A engine in the M3. Point is that there is a car out there from everyone, for you it's currently the M3, for someone else it might be the 335i and another could be the S4.

I personally wouldn't dismiss the S4 or any other car just because of my preference to another form of drivetrain because each application is different. I honest reckon that the TT-RS will be a better driving car than the M3, this might not mean that it will kick the tail out and hold it there for ever because no one drives like that 99.999% of the time, no I reckon it will be better because it's lighter, have better directional changing ability and should feel that bit more special as only a proper sportscar can.

To you the thought of a fwd-biased awd system in a sportscar is absurd and that's your opinion but without trying something then how will you ever know for sure.