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Originally Posted by footie View Post
I was assuming that we were comparing like with like. You can't really compare a basic 335i with an S4, for a start there is a numbers of features that are standard on the S4 which are optional extras of the 335i. Even the basic 335i you were using wasn't one equipped with the M/Sport bodykit for heaven sake.

Either way this isn't that important, the thing I'm excited in is the fact Audi have another alternative which is more than a match for another BMW which can only be a good thing for us the consumer.

ams & sportauto tested the 2 cars like how they are. Who are YOU to say they cannot? They did it. Period.
The 335i wasn't exactly basic to start with, it was the luxury version. And still the 335i wins (without M body/sports package) in Sportauto carmag. Do you read at all, or are you typing like hell and pushing 'enter' before you even think, footie?

I'm just correcting you, because misinformation isn't right on a forum like this. The S4 is way more expensive EVEN if the 335i is loaded...