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Arrow Portland BPMSport Tuning and Coding Trip

Hi all, I am judging interest in coordinating a BPMSport Tuning and Coding group buy/session in Portland (likely a central location or at my house with coffee and treats) and I am wondering how many folks would be interested in participating. The more folks the more I can talk to Mike about a group buy.

Here is some additional information from a prior BPMSport group buy:

Some information on the tune can be found here:

We offer two tuning stages available for the E9x M3:

Stage I is for lightly modified vehicles without changes to the primary catalysts.
Stage II is tailored to vehicles that have changes to the primary cats - such as an Akra system, high flow cats, test pipe/catless, etc..

You have the option to upgrade from one Stage to another in the future if your plans for the car change. You won't have to purchase it again, you can pay the difference between the two stages.

Software Update to 240E:
At BPMSport, we like to base our files off of the latest BMW Factory Software. This way any improvements that have been made to the operating code by BMW Engineers are incorporated into your tuned software. Before flashing you with our performance software, we will update you to the latest software version available from BMW. You can elect to stay on your current software level, although we do recommend taking advantage of this update.

Both Stages of our Performance Tuning Software Include:
-Selective mapping of the throttle response in Sport mode
-Selective mapping of the throttle response in Normal mode
-Raised RPM Limiter (Nmax) to 8,500 or 8,600 RPM
-Removal of the Top Speed Limiter (Vmax)
-Vanos changes for increased smoothness, better drive-ability, and power
-Fueling and ignition timing changes suited to your modifications and octane
-Optimization of ECU Torque Management and Control Parameters
-Elimination of the Cold Start Routine (Makes the car smoother on cold starts)
-Cold start rev limit reduction (to keep your engine happy and prevent revving too high when cold).
-Launch Control Assist for 6MT vehicles (definable at 3,000 - 5,000 RPM)

You may pick whichever features suit you and we will incorporate them into the software written for your vehicle.

You will experience smoother driveability, much better overall engine response, and performance increases in horsepower and torque, aside from the long list of other goodies.

All software does not tamper with emissions settings. Stage II Tunes and files with cold start disabled are for OFFROAD use only. Please contact us directly with any questions regarding emissions requirements.

The price of the tune includes the specially designed tuning cable. The software and cable are extremely easy to use, and we're happy to provide remote support over the computer or phone. Customer service and excellent products are our number one priority.

With the software, you will be able to:
-Easily flash the vehicle back to stock (this is not necessary when going to the dealer)
-Easily flash in tuned files from BPMSport + potential future updates
-Check your current installed software version
-Read and clear engine fault codes / service engine soon lights
-Check if the dealership reflashed your vehicle with stock software

Horsepower and torque gains are dependent on modifications, environmental conditions, and fuel quality. Our tune will safely extract what is left on the table. Unlike other companies that focus on full throttle only, our software has been carefully crafted to create an undeniably pleasurable driving experience in part throttle (which is where you spend most of your driving!). Having owned an M3 myself since 2008, quite a lot of research in development has gone into making this software exceptionally perfect for you

What happens if the dealer reflashes my car?
You're in luck! The cable will allow you to flash the tune back in. If the dealer updates you to a software level past 240E, we will be happy to retune the file on the latest version FREE of charge. We like our clients ahead of the curve.

The tune is 100% transparent to the dealership computers, and they will not be able to tell that the vehicle is tuned. It allows for seamless integration with their factory systems for service and diagnostics as well. (Please note that BMW will be able to see raised RPM or Speed Limits, however, the dealer can not).

This calibration is a result of countless hours of street, dyno, and track testing. It is by far the best performance tune on the market, with safety, reliability, and ease of use being our primary concern. We have many clients that regularly track their cars with glowing reports. We do not turn any factory safeguards off in our tuning, and we do not desensitize the knock sensors. This means that your vehicle will run within the factory parameters and safeguards that BMW and Siemens designed for the MSS60 Digital Motor Electronics Unit.

Reviews we've found on the forum:

Stock Vehicles:

Modded Vehicles:

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