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Originally Posted by Eugene-TAIWAN View Post
I just took the car out for a drive!

I'm very surprised on a couple of points.

1. with a softer spring rate the car feels more ''stable''

2. it seems the set up is more ''detailed'' like you can feel the road more especially on the rear

3. also seems to plant down power a bit better

but its wet out so I can't do much so far so good interesting first day.

as for the lower support the kit doesn't come with helper springs on the rear don't know why but I'll find out
Thanks for the review - too bad it was wet, although you can learn a lot about balance in the wet. You said a softer spring rate - a softer spring rate compared to what?

With the coil-over configuration you have a higher motion ratio so you get more effective spring rate at the tire with a lower rate spring on the shock than you would with the spring in the factory perches. A 375#/inch spring around the shock yields the same 260#/inch wheel rate as an 800#/inch spring in the OEM perches.