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i tried some QC15's for a day here at my cubicle.

as soon as i put them on, i completely went def - i was oblivious to anything around me.

you could have thrown a grenade in my trash can and i wouldn't have heard the explosion.

they sound freaking awesome.

but they were too rich for my blood - so i went with some Klipsch ONE's. they're not noise cancelling, but they block out quite a bit of noise, even with the volume only halfway up on my iPhone.

if i turned it up to @ 75%, i wouldn't be able to hear anyone around me.

they NAILED the sound though - the bass is powerful and true. they are "over the ear" headphones so they will bother you at first.

i've gotten used to them so i can go a whole 30 minutes without having to take them off.

wghen i first got them, i could go about 10 minutes before they started hurting my right ear.

i just threw my Klipsch ONE's on right now and at about 70% volume on my iphone, i can't even hear my fingers hitting these keys....
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