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Where are you located? Here in the Northeast, you'd probably be able to get that car for low 50's if it had all options outside of the packages. Probably different on the west coast.

CPO isn't extremely holistic but it does give a nice peace of mind for major mechanical items (note that the CPO warranty does not cover most things covered under the original warranty, e.g., wear and tear, trim items, etc.).

One other benefit is that you'll get most, if not all, of your money back for the CPO warranty should you ever want to sell or trade the car within the CPO period (provided that there is a meaningful amount of warranty left). The warranty goes with the car and not with the owner.

I don't know if a PPI would be absolutely necessary, but I've always had a concern that some shady dealer could get a beater past corporate and sell a less than mechanically perfect car as CPO. It would then be assumed that the car was perfect when taken by the customer and therefore, any engine issues, etc. that pop up after purchase will be wholly attributable to something that the new owner did.

Granted, I don't know anything about the certification process but it would never hurt just to check for overrevs/moneyshifts,etc. to make sure the car is in sound mechanical condition before taking delivery. I wonder if the dealer could just pull codes for you or something?