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Originally Posted by infamxkris View Post
hey guys i have been shopping for an m3 and i have come across a 2008 e92 m3 DCT in Alpine white with tech, premium, and cold. Now this car is a certified pre owned and the dealership has told me the warranty is good till 2014 or 100k miles. Now is this accurate as far as the mileage for the warranty? Also is it worth to pay the extra cash for a certified preowned and if i purchase a car that isnt certified would i be able to get it certified later down the road and get the extra warranty? If so how much would it cost me? Well anyway this car has 18k miles on it and they have listed it at 60k. I talked to the guy at the dealership and he has told me can go down to mid 50s to high 50s. Is this a fair price for this type of car? And is it really worth it to get a certified preowned?
I am going to the dealership to check out the car in person and would like to know if i need to do anything before i purchase the car? Is a PPI still necessary on a certified pre owned? Would it be ok to go and purchase without getting one?

Any help is appreciated guys, and thank you in advance!
Ok, to the best of my knowledge:

Yes, the standard CPO warranty is 6 years, 100K miles.

I don't believe you can get a non CPO car certified. This is up to the dealer when they acquire a used BMW. BMW sets standards that a CPO car must meet. If the car does not meet them then the dealer must remedy the problems before they can certify the car. This costs the dealer $$$.

Is it worth the extra $$$? Only you can answer that. Note that there is a %50 deductible on warranty work. Compare that with $0 deductible for a new car. Also note that the CPO warranty is not an extended service plan.

Whether the quoted price is worth it will depend on options and in what shape the car is in. If it's a CPO then it probably is in good shape and it sounds to me like a fair deal. Definitely, go check it out.

I believe that the CPO process is equivalent to PPI, you shouldn't need one, but it might depend on the laws in your state.

Ask if the BMW Assist subscription is in force and for how long before you will need to pay for the subscription yourself.

Also check out the service department if this is the dealer that you will be taking the car for service. Talk to the SAs and see if you get a good feeling. Do your research (this forum is a good resource) and ask the dealer and their service dept people questions. Sometimes they're knowledge-able, sometimes not, and sometimes they try to BS you. Hopefully this will give you the warm fuzzies. If not, I'd go elsewhere.

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