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Originally Posted by princefemi View Post
Is the S4 really that much better looking on the inside than a 3 series?

I too have test driven the S4 and I really did not see what people seem to always rave about. I did not like the size and feel of the steering wheel and I felt the seats were not as supportive and just did not feel as good as my sport seats.

I told my wife about what seems to be the accepted consensus about Audi interiors and asked her to be as objective as possible. She too could not give the S4 the nod for having a better interior. She told me she actually prefers the BMW interior for its looks and simplicity, and said that the Audi did score some points with her for having a more spacious rear seating area.

Are we both missing something?
i think the interior is not taht great... i dont get why people are like "oh my god audi has so much better interior than my 3."